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Photo of the wine club Decemeber event

We meet 6 times per year and spend the evening learning a bit about wines and winemaking. We typically try 6 to 8 wines of an evening and usually provide a little food to wash them down. Why not come along to our next meeting?

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Back to the future! Wine tasting - Fri 11 May
20th April 2018

Did you know that the Croughton Wine Appreciation Group is 10 years old? For our May tasting event we have looked back to our favourite wines from 10 years of tasting and are using this knowledge and experience to choose wines that we predict you will love! Come and join us for our AGM at 7.45 and tasting at 8pm at the Village Hall.

Prices are £15 for guests and £8 for members. Membership is £12 for a year. Please let us know if you are coming, so that we have sufficient wine, cheese and other nibbles. Contact Claire on 810987 or email Martin at

Previous Events 17/18

Mar 18 - A tale of 2 tastings: a special wine shop and some special vineyards by bike!

Bill and Victoria (who both have a Diploma in Wine) have been popular presenters at the Croughton Wine Appreciation Group in the past and returned for our March event. Bill will be brought wine for us to taste from a very special wine shop, and some wines he found whilst cycling around Europe! 

Here are the scores.

Here is the presentation.

Dec 17 - Cracking wines for Christmas

We tasted “Cracking wines for Christmas” for each part of Christmas Day. They all came from accessible retailers and included some fabulous finds.

Everyone looked festive in black tie and posh frocks!

Here are the scores

Nov 17 - Waitrose Recommends

2 specialist members of staff from Waitrose joined us for an evening looking at the wines Wairtose recommends. This was accompanied with some interestinf Waitrose cheeses.

Here are the scores.

The summer visit to Stanlake Park Winery.



Oct 17 - Is it all about the Malbec?

In recent tastings we have asked the important questions “Is it all about the Riesling?” and “Is it all about the Rioja?” and tasted great wines from Germany and Spain. In this tasting we explored "Is it all about the Malbec?”, as well as what other Argentinian wines are on offer. 

Here are the Scores

June 2017 - Is it all about the Rioja? 

Last year we asked “Is it all about the Riesling?” at our German wine tasting and so for our June event we asked the same of SPANISH wines, “Is it all about the Rioja?” There were two Riojas amongst the 8 wines.......but they were not the high score for the evening.

Here are the scores
Here are the

May 2017 - Upmarket whites and bargain reds from South Africa

In May we fulfilled some requests we had recieved to taste wines from South Africa. We found some impressive wines with some great prices, and even enjoyed some authentic snacks!

Here are the Scores
Here are the AGM
Here are the review

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