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We meet 6 times per year and spend the evening learning a bit about wines and winemaking. We typically try 6 to 8 wines of an evening and usually provide a little food to wash them down. Why not come along to our next meeting?

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Upmarket whites and bargain reds from South Africa - Fri 5 May
14th April 2017

Wine tasting with the Croughton Wine Appreciation Group at the Village Hall, Friday 5th May at 8pm. 

We often have requests to taste wines from South Africa so we know that our May event will please lots of people. We’ve been very impressed with the wine, and the prices, during our research, but are feeling less sure about the authentic snacks! Come and join us and see what we have found! 

Prices are £8 for members and £12 for guests. Please let us know in advance that you’re coming so we can ensure we have sufficient wine and cheese and other snacks. Email: or call Claire on 810987.

Previous Events 16/17

March 2017 - Shopping for wine with Bruce

At the March event, Bruce Oliver looked at why we choose certain wines to buy and where we choose to buy them from? We explore price ranges, regions and how we buy wine. 

Here are the Scores.

December 2016 - Christmas Best

On Friday 9th December we revisited our highest scoring wines from the past six years and had to taste them all over again to remind ourselves why they were so good! Our Christmas event was a wonderful evening, with a wine themed raffle, homemade Christmas nibbles many people were looking festive in Black tie. The turn out was the highest ever with 35 people present.

Croughton794_copy.jpg Croughton796_copy.jpg

Here are the scores 

November 2016 - Moore Champagne

In preparation for the festive season, we had an evening of champagne tasting with Moore Champagne. Moore champagne is a father and son initiative, ably assisted when necessary by wives and daughters-in-law, whose goal is to bring the delights of intriguing and poorly understood Grower champagnes to the notice and palate of champagne drinkers in the United Kingdom.  

Here are the scores

September 2016 - Chile in September 

Alistair Cooper was back for the 4th time. Feeling all South American after the excitement of the Olympics so we tasted wines from Chile. The wines were more unusual varieties that you do not normally associate with Chile.

Here are the scores.

June 2016 - Can one maker make many wines?

Can one winemaker produce quality wines from a range of different grapes or should winemakers specialise? That is the question we posed at our June wine tasting event. We ended up with reds and whites from Italy which is one of the best countries to find winemakers who produce a range of wines using different grapes.

Here are the Scores.

April 2016 - Is it all about the Reisling

The first wine tasting of the new season was exploring Wines from Germany.

Following on from our popular Wines from Portugal tasting event in March, we moved north through Europe to taste wines from Germany. We tried 7 wines chosen for us by the Wine Barn. Our annual AGM took place at 8pm.

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Fri 5 May

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Party in the Park Sat 27 Aug 4pm
10th June 2016
30th September 2016
11th November 2016
9th December 2016
3rd March 2017
5th May 2017 AGM

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