Neighbourhood watch

The Parish Council strongly supports the concept and practice of Neighbourhood Watch. In a rural area like Croughton, the police look to the local community for support to control vandalism and crime in the village. There is where Neighbourhood Watch is of great assistance in monitoring and controlling crime.

The Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in Croughton is divided into areas; in each area there is a contact person who can be contacted by telephone. They will then contact the Co-ordinator for Croughton, who will contact the Police. The Co-ordinator is Jean Coles, who can be contacted on 01869-810473. If you would like any information on Neighbourhood Watch, please contact Jean directly. The Neighbourhood Watch contacts are:

  • Will Merrill
    Portway Drive
    Tel. 01869-810569
  • Tony Cross
    High Street 
    Tel. 01869-810203
  • Rob Quintinden
    High Street 
    Tel. 01869-810237
  • Chris Tomlin
    Mill Lane 
    Tel. 01869-810891

It is vital that residents report incidents when they happen so that they can be reported to the police. If you hear or see an incident of crime, vandalism, or social nuisance, or if you notice any unusual visitors or habits among young people which might suggest drug use or dealing, or if you hear an alarm going off, please ring the police immediately so that they can ascertain what actions to take. Please do not tackle a suspected criminal yourself.