The Wines of Merrie England (and Wales.....) - March 2015

A well known & indisputable fact is that the British are major consumers of wine! What we haven’t been so good at (until recently), is making it....Well, all that is changing quite rapidly with more & more vineyards being planted (over 500 at the last count) & British wines of all varieties stealing high international accolades from under the noses of our European & Antipodean competition. Is it global warming? Who knows? But if it’s happening, why not take advantage of it?

We tasted a wide variety of English & (Welsh) wine (some of which has won international awards).

Here are the wines we tried and the scores.

A taste of Sunshine: Wines from America - Feb 2015

RAF Croughton helped us to source form American wines. We ended up with 5 wines from California, 1 from Oregon and 2 from Washington State. This was the first all American evening we have had since the WAG was formed.

Here are the scores

All I want for Christmas (Day) - Dec 2014

The WAG set out to help you select wine to go with everything on your Christmas Day menu. Taking advice from the experts, we chose a great selection of wines from around the world for you to taste.

Here are the scores

“Origins – wines made from grape varieties that are indigenous to that area.” - September 2014

Julie Timm from Grapevine wine company (www.the-grapevine.org.uk) in Culworth lead us through an evening about “Origins – wines made from grape varieties that are indigenous to that area”.

Here are the scores

A trip with Bruce to the bottle shop - June 2014

A trip with Bruce to the bottle shop. At this event Bruce Oliver shared his choice of wine bought from a not so local (Windsor) bottle shop.
The Wines were mainly from the Southern Hemisphere  except for the white port from Portugal which was a new one to the group!

Here are the scores

Wines from the islands of Europe - May 2014

Croughton Wine Appreciation Group hosted an evening of tasting wines from islands in Europe. A more difficult challenge than you might have imagined, however there were wines from several of the beautiful islands we love to visit on holiday! The only slight issue were the wines from the Isle of Wight!

Here are the scores

The event also included the review of the last year.

The event was preceded by the Croughton Wine Appreciation Group AGM. Here are the AGM Slides.