“The Pick of the Bunch” - May 2013

At this wine tasting we revisited some of the top scoring wines from the past 5 years to check whether they are still as good the second time around, and whether vintage makes a difference.

The conclusion was that if you find a good wine - buy it there an then. Trying to find it again a couple of years later just does not work!

Here are the scores.

Bordeaux Blends and Chardonnays from around the world - July 2013

Here are the scores

Independent Vignerons of France (Bordeaux and Beyond) – September 2013

Here are the scores

“God Jul – Happy Christmas from Sweden” Dec 2013

Croughton Wine Appreciation Group tasted some fantastic wines from Italy and Spain via Sweden at our Christmas event.

In Sweden, amazingly, wine is selected, bought and sold by 'the government'. Systembolaget is a nationwide retail network of 422 stores which has grown from the first alcohol monopoly started in the mid 1800s in Sweden. Systembolaget in its capacity as a purchaser acts in a non-discriminatory and brand neutral manner meaning there is no promotion of individual products or producers. This means Systembolaget's product range is actually one of the most comprehensive in the world. And the wines are very affordable because they are not attempting to maximise profit.

Here are the scores

“A bluffer’s guide to wine tasting” - Feb 2013

Croughton Wine Appreciation Group hosted a bluffer’s guide to wine tasting. From aromatics, acidities and ageing, to tannins, textures and tastes, our presenters Adam Harmon and Ben Salt helped us identify cabernet sauvignons from cabernet francs and bluff our way out of any difficult wine tasting situation.

Here are the scores

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