Village information

We have provided below links to several online maps, a link to the local bus timetable, and photos of places from around the village.

Local bus route

The local 499 bus passes through Croughton to/from Banbury to/from Brackley every Monday to Saturday (see a map of the route). The timetable (pdf, 76KB) can be found on the Northamptonshire County Council website.

Bus Routes 499 and 508:

The frequency of these services is in danger of being changed from a 2 hourly to a 4 hourly service - the equivalent of 3 buses per day.  Many people rely on these buses to travel to Brackley and Banbury. Passengers will be aware of this and may even have signed a petition organised by TCC, the bus operator.

Northamptonshire County Council will be consulting on the proposed reduction of these heavily subsidised bus routes.  Details are awaited.  Please contact Cllr Ron Sawbridge, your County Councillor or members of the Parish Council if you have any comments.

Reporting Lighting Faults:

Should a street light fail please would you note the number of the column and its location and report this to the Parish Clerk.

Tel: 01869 819905.  Email:

Thank you

Local landmarks


Croughton All Saints Parish Church


The Reading Room


Croughton Village Hall


Croughton Cemetery


Croughton All Saints CofE Primary School


The Local Shop


Local Playing Fields


The New Park


The Blackbird Pub